One Philosophy, One Objective

Providing a comprehensive research platform to facilitate politicians, diplomatic missions, media outlets, government departments and a wide range of organizations to better understand the key dynamics that effect Pakistan from a national security perspective, especially in relation to terrorism, insurgencies and extremism.

CommandEleven is the first of its kind in Pakistan – a consulting and advisory firm focused on national security, counter terrorism and counter insurgencies.

Board of Advisors

Lt. General Tariq Khan (Retired)


Lt. General Tariq Khan (Retired), an erudite general from Pakistan's Armored Corps and a decorated War Veteran, is an expert on critical issues related to Terrorism & Insurgencies. General Tariq Khan during the Battle of Bajaur, transformed and re-shaped Frontier Corps into a relentless fighting force and raised FC's own special forces popularly known as SOG. Commanded and led major operations in FATA from the frontline, his model on counter-insurgency is still applied to this day.

Col. Azam Qadri (Retired)


Colonel Azam Qadri (Retired) comes from a fourth generation military family; both maternal and paternal grandfathers served in the British Indian Army as officers. His father, Brigadier Azmat had an illustrious Army career with the distinction of capturing two Indian towns (Chamb and Jaurian) during Pak-Indo War in 1965. Colonel Azam served in the Pakistan Army for 25 years with a blend of command, staff and instructional experience. He also served with the Saudi Defence Forces as Commander of a Tank Regiment in Khalid Bin Waleed Armoured Brigade at Tabuk. Today he has the singular credit of being the only military historian in Pakistan, who has unveiled facts about the heroes of all the armed forces. He has so far authored six book including "Sentinels in the Sky".

Management Team

Khalid Muhammad

Director General & Founder

As Director General of CommandEleven, Khalid takes over 26 years of international experience to guide and drive his team to deliver accurate, reliable and actionable analysis for private organizations, institutions, government policy and media outlets. He provides tactical and comprehensive analysis into terrorist and extremist groups operating in the Indian sub-continent and Middle East, including recruitment, financing, operations and warfare strategies. His experience and vision guide the growth and expansion of CommandEleven into new opportunities.

Faisal Aijaz

Director General - Operations

As Director General - Operations of CommandEleven, Faisal brings his hard-charging and reliable analysis to spearhead the domains of counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency and national security. He brings a great deal of understanding about military affairs, strategy and tactics, helping his team to better analyze the current and potential security situations in the region.


Ahmad Ibrahim


Andrew Korybko


Faran Jeffery


Imran Siddiqui


Khuram Malik


Contributing Analysts

James Dorsey


Lt. Col. Saleem Akhtar Malik (Retired)

Military Affairs

Zeeshan Shahid Khan