An Open Letter to the Arab League & OIC

To the “leaders” of the Arab League and OIC:

I will not take too much of your time since I know you are all busy in re-enacting a real life version of Game of Thrones to establish, enhance and secure your kingdoms from the perceived threats from your neighboring countries; spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on non-Islamic activities in Western countries and further subjugating your own people to further your own lust for power. You, honestly, are the true embodiment of the House of Lannister.

I do, however, have a few questions for you. I am wondering where your sense of Muslim harmony is when you are willing to allow Israel to use your airspace to attack Iran, another Muslim country? I am wondering where your sense of outrage was when your masters, the United States, invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, murdering millions of your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. I am wondering when you will decide that it is time to stand up for the Muslim community that you claim to speak for when you propose an “Islamic anti-Semitism” law because of the hatred pushed through the international media towards the entire Muslim faith? I am wondering when you will use the influence that you have fostered with your Western masters to improve the conditions for Muslims around the world, rather than filling your bank accounts to purchase more lavish toys for yourselves. Is the House of Lannister reference starting to make sense to you now?

Moreover, I am wondering specifically of the Saudi Arabians, who petitioned the world for the invasion of Syria to topple the al-Assad regime, that you suddenly found distasteful, while moving al-Qaeda, Chechnyans, Uzbeks and Tajiks into the country to form the Free Syrian Army, if you even recognize the depths of your duplicity? Let’s not forget that you dared to threaten Russia with Chechnyan suicide bomber attacks during the Winter Olympics if they didn’t remove their support of Syria. Yes, you convinced the war-mongering United States Congress to fund and arm the rebels to carry out your agenda in Syria. At the time, you called them the Free Syrian Army; today, they are known as ISIL and have just declared their own Khalifat a few hundred kilometers from your border.

See, here is where you learn that the seeds of evil you have sown have come home to roost. You did not learn your lesson after the Taliban in Afghanistan, who you funded and taught to hate anyone who didn’t follow a backward, fundamentalist form of Islam that you preach. You did not learn when all the 9/11 plane hijackers were found to be Saudi and your own Prince Bandar was forced to flee the US under the protection of the government. You have not learned your lesson from the terror that you have sponsored in Pakistan, Iraq and Iran to target and eliminate Shi’as because they aren’t willing to follow your single path of Islam – the Wahabi way. But who exactly made you the Masters of the Universe to decide which path of Islam people follow since your own example would cause people to run from the religion that we love, rather than embrace it?

But I ask one simple question of you all, in your infinite wisdom of playing war games – as ISIL nears your border, prepared to invade and destroy everything you hold dear, will you run away from your own countries, your own people, your own kingdoms as you have the Palestinians? Will you sit quietly and wait for someone, anyone, to come and stand by your side, like the Palestinian people have for the past 60 years for you to come and stand by them? No, please don’t delude yourself into believing that any Muslim country will stand by you. We have recognized that you are the evil that destroys us, makes us a mockery to the world and keeps other Western puppets in power through your bidding and financial bribery.

Do you honestly believe that the US Congress will stand by you, as it stands by Israel? Have you really convinced yourself that they care anything about your kingdoms beyond the oil that you sell to them? Once the oil is gone, so are you. Remember that in the coming days.

I promised not to take too much of your time so I will close by reminding you of a poem written by a Pastor Martin Niemoller, while he was a guest of the Nazis in a concentration camp. The poem was written to address the cowardice of the German intellectuals who supported and profited from the Nazis’ rise to power, much like your cowardice towards the rest of the Muslims outside your own families. I focus on one line, the last line of the poem,

“Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.”

They are coming for you, and no one is left to speak for you because you are not Palestinian, Iraqi, Irani, Egyptian, Pakistani, Afghani, or Kashmiri, you are not Shi’a, you are not Sunni, and you are not Muslims.

So in closing, I’d like to congratulate you all for your silence on the issue of the Palestine and the ongoing bombing of the Gaza Strip. I congratulate you on the duplicity of policy to enjoy your own lives in opulence, while most of the Muslim world live in poverty. I applaud you for turning your back on other Muslim countries because you are unwilling, unable and unconcerned with the problems that they face. Your resolve to stand with the country that supports your puppet regimes is admirable to those that don’t call themselves Muslims, but for those of us who do consider ourselves Muslims, we call you traitors to our faith and disgraces to humanity.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would shun you Himself, if He were to walk the earth today. There is no greater indictment of your inhumanity.

This article was originally published on Khalid Muhammad’s Agency Rules website.

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