Historically Cognitively Agile

We posted a screenshot of a printed page. The printed page had 8 points on it.

Many people commented on the origin of the screenshot rather than the points listed on the page. Some were quick to point out that the “suggestions” made in the 8 points aren’t such a bad idea.

CommandEleven, as an organization, does not support these points, whether real or inventive discussion points for political mileage, for a number of reasons.

Let’s start off with the points, because that’s the real conversation for the cognitively agile.

  • Dissolution of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), the only organization solely responsible for the investigation of corruption cases, also never fully empowered under its mandate
    • No NAB Reference without the approval of the Prime Minister or Chief Minister
    • Armed Forces and Judiciary under the purview of the revised NAB Act
  • Re Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP): Disqualification limited to 6 months and no initiation of process 6 months prior to election
  • Power of Chief of Army Staff (COAS) curtailed and balanced
  • Powers of Chairman Joint Staff to be increased
  • Armed forces budgets to be subject to detailed scrutiny of National Assembly for approval and disbursement
  • All Armed forces promotions from Colonel to Brigadier and above subject to re-confirmation of National Assembly and/or Senate Committee

And for those questioning the validity of the document, please remember that the political party in power, who just had their Prime Minister disqualified on corruption charges, passed a law allowing those disqualified on corruption charges to lead political parties.

Also, remember Pakistan is an Islamic Republic meaning that Sadiq (truthful) and Ameen (trustworthy) mean something much more to this natin than others.