Operation Black Thunderstorm – I
October 3, 2017

The following analysis is the first part of a two-part series on Pakistan military operation famously known as “Operation Black Thunderstorm”….

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The Unrest in Karachi
June 23, 2016

Yesterday’s assassination of Amjad Sabri, the attempted assassination of Noha Khawan Faris Ali Waris, and the kidnapping of the Sindh Chief…

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U.S. and Pakistan at a Crossroads
May 24, 2016

Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansoor has been killed in a U.S. airstrike along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, he became leader of the Afghan…

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Why The New York Times is Wrong About Pakistan
May 16, 2016

On the morning of 12th May, Pakistan was treated to another scalding editorial from The New York Times, this time demanding…

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Congressional U-Turn on F-16s Jeopardizes COIN Operations in Pakistan
May 5, 2016

No matter how close the collaboration between the Pentagon and General Headquarters, strained relations emerge when the conversation moves to Capitol…

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Khalid Muhammad discusses banned outfits in Pakistan
April 29, 2016

Speaking with Naimat Khan of The Friday Times on banned outfits in Pakistan, Khalid Muhammad, Director General of CommandEleven, said: “As…

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Terrorist Logic
March 28, 2016

In case you’re wondering what these men are thinking when they commit these atrocities: “After the 2014 Peshawar attack, where the…

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The Lack of Narrative against Terrorism
March 20, 2016

Speaking with Qadeer Tanoli of Express Tribune, Khalid Muhammad, our Director General, explained how the failure of the government to craft…

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Leaked ISIS Documents found in Germany
March 10, 2016

The significance of this discovery is immeasurable, if confirmed to be correct. German intelligence has done a cursory examination of the…

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ISIS and Their Designs on the AfPak Region
March 8, 2016

With the expansion of the Islamic State into Afghanistan and slowly attempting to creep into Pakistan, all eyes are on the…

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