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Growing ISKP threat on Pak-Afghan Border
January 17, 2018

Introduction While Islamic State is on the run in Middle East where it is facing a resounding defeat that has resulted…

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The “Ground Realities” of Pakistan
December 21, 2017

Trump demands that Pakistan should prove that its nukes are safe. He says this when the international community has found that…

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America Thinks Pakistan Should Do More
December 10, 2017

They want to ‘win’ the war as Trump has said. ‘Winning’ now could be as little as a ‘graceful exit’ or…

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The Faizabad Phenomenon and Army
December 6, 2017

People view the recent Faizabad fracas as an ugly event; an aberration that locked down the Capital City. The citizens of…

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“The Faizabad Dharna”
December 2, 2017

People are shelled shocked with the Faizabad episode, others are frustrated by the Panama Scandal and all that it is revealing,…

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Sympathy For Terrorists?
November 3, 2017

Recently some reports surfaced that Pakistani security services have detained the family of Allah Nazar, a self-styled Baloch separatist militant. Pakistani…

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Faran Jeffery talks about coming terrorist uptick
October 3, 2017

Faran Jeffery, one of CommandEleven’s most experienced analysts, spoke with Channel News Asia about the coming uptick in terrorist violence in…

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DG Khalid Muhammad talks to Express Tribune
September 18, 2017

CommandEleven’s Director General, Khalid Muhammad, spoke with Qadeer Tanoli at Express Tribune on the background & grown of Ansar ul Sharia…

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Ansar-ul-Sharia Pakistan – Information Release
September 8, 2017

Introduction From the day that Ansar-ul-Sharia Pakistan was announced, the story behind this group didn’t make sense. They were after an…

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The Only Scenario to End War in Afghanistan
September 6, 2017

Shahid Raza, Director General – Geopolitics, spoke with Sputnik Radio to discuss President Trump’s Afghanistan strategy and the weakness/problems it will…

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