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America Thinks Pakistan Should Do More
December 10, 2017

They want to ‘win’ the war as Trump has said. ‘Winning’ now could be as little as a ‘graceful exit’ or…

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South Asia’s Strategic Environment
October 30, 2017

South Asian strategic environment is shaped by power struggle between India & Pakistan in lieu of People’s Republic of China. For…

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Russia’s Coming War in Afghanistan
August 29, 2017

The U.S. has clearly and squarely lost the war in Afghanistan after 16 years, thousands of casualties, hundreds of billions of…

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Is Trump Planning To Strike And Then Sanction CPEC?
August 27, 2017

Trump’s recently enunciated “Afghan strategy” was really a thinly disguised declaration of the US’ Hybrid War on CPEC, making official what…

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Trump draws geopolitical battle lines in South Asia
August 25, 2017

President Donald J. Trump has drawn battle lines in South Asia that are likely to have a ripple effect across Eurasia:…

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Kudashev Is No Kadakin, But That’s A Good Thing
August 23, 2017

The new Russian Ambassador to India, Nikolai Kudashev, is a Chinese-speaking career diplomat who’s a far cry away from the Indophile…

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Indo-Pak Maritime Power Struggle
August 20, 2017

Indian Ocean serves as linkage spot for global Sea Lines of Communications (SLOCs) emerging from both hemispheres. Presence of oil rich…

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Pakistan Needs to Shed Its Delusions on Afghanistan
August 8, 2017

For decades, Pakistanis have been told that Afghanistan is a “brotherly Islamic country” with cultural and people-to-people ties with Pakistan. For…

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Facts First, Then Distort
June 16, 2017

Some people are of the opinion that India and Pakistan could have better relations, and that it is Pakistan who causes…

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A Jihadi Propaganda Machine? No.
June 16, 2017

We take it as a badge of honor to be honest. When we engage with analysts on social media, it’s to…

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