#DawnLeaks – Getting murkier and murkier!

A growing and emerging perspective is that Nawaz is hankering for a fight and deliberately baiting the Army to oust him, directly or indirectly.

Then use this “Shahadat” to play the “victim card” as his rallying cry in the Election campaign.

He’s a master at this game of cut and thrust Machiavellian politics. No wonder he’s now called Nawaz “Sadiq Amin” Sharif.

So here’s what I know so far from various sources.

When the information which lead to the Dawn leaks article was first communicated to Dawn (Zafar Abbas) from the PM house, he refused to entertain it because of issues of authenticity.

Then several people, close to the PM, spoke to him to authenticate it’s truth.

He refused and asked for direct validation from none other than PM Nawaz.

It was then that Maryam Safdar contacted him and confirmed, on behalf of NS, that the contents of the meeting as earlier communicated to him, by “others” are correct and he could go ahead and publish.

It was only after receiving this confirmation directly from Maryam Safdar, did Cyril use this information for his article. Apparently this is all part of the inquiry.

Now my perspective on the tweet DG ISPR Tweet.

It was most likely done to pacify the deep anti Nawaz rumblings within the Army rank and file, and pre empt any foolhardy actions by Young Turks.

I have earlier alluded to this in my article “An Open letter to Gen. Bajwa

Or and in addition, perhaps a turning of the tide in Gen. Bajwa’s apolitical views on non interference and about the person of PM Nawaz, following the hammering he’s received in the Panamagate about his loot and plunder.

Or a Noora between Gen. Bajwa & PM Nawaz to merely appease the Army rank and file.

Perhaps the choice of words in the tweet could have been more appropriate.

Something like.

“While we await the formal notification, our members on the enquiry Committee have expressed serious reservation which are contrary to the recommendation in this notification”.

All said and done. I still maintain.

“Whom the gods want to destroy, they first make mad”!

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