Counter Terrorism

Terrorism has changed its face dramatically since the founding of al-Qaeda. Today's terrorists are not only trained with weapons, but with technology as well. They are able to use every platform to spread their message, indoctrinate new followers, raise funds, and coordinate simultaneous attacks in multiple countries.

At CommandEleven, we understand their objectives and operational capabilities. We understand how they recruit and train. We understand their tactics. And most importantly, we make it easy for you to understand the threat and how you can do your part.

SITREP: Pakistan

Over the past few months, Pakistan has been placed under the microscope again. While the reasons are significantly more than past episodes, the standard...

Operation Black Thunderstorm – I

The following analysis is the first part of a two-part series on Pakistan military operation famously known as “Operation Black Thunderstorm”. "Uneasy lies the head...

Khalid Muhammad discusses Radicalization

Khalid Muhammad, Director General - CommandEleven, joins Dr. Maria and Osama on Primetime Politics to discuss the radicalization of Pakistan's youth through technology.

Five Forces Behind Pakistan’s Pivot Towards Russia

‘Nations are born in the hearts of poets but they prosper and die at the hands of politicians’ said the most influential philosopher of...

The Bajaur Offensive

Not so long ago, “Counter-Terrorism” was an abstruse word for Pakistan’s military till General Tariq Khan stepped up and was handed over the command...
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