Information Warfare

"Coming to grips with information warfare is like the effort of the blind men to discover the nature of the elephant: the one who touched its leg called it a tree, another who touched its tail called it a rope, and so on. Taken together all the respectably held definitions of the elephant suggest that there is little that is not information warfare."

Martin Libicki, author, What is Information Warfare

There is little that is not information warfare is the most accurate definition of the new geopolitical battlefield. From mainstream to social media, and all platforms in between, every individual within every household is being subjected to someone's influence operation on the platform they trust the most.

Much like a military battlefield, tools have also been developed to better target, gauge, deliver and spread narratives to a larger, more interested audience across conflict zones.

At CommandEleven, we specialize in information, making it easier to identify, counter and discredit the fake news, rhetoric and mudslinging that populates the information stream.

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