General Bajwa & DAWNLeaks

For the first time in Pakistan, the DawnLeaks issue has also brought to the fore a Battle Royale within the senior Army high command divided into two groups.

The Pro-Raheel/anti-Bajwa camp and the Pro-Bajwa/anti-Raheel group.

Both using their media and social media proxies to project and promote their horses.

We never saw that before and bodes very very ill for the future if not checked.

Nawaz is taking full advantage of this schism and deliberately fanning the fires in both camps

Earlier we only saw the pro and anti Army groups. Now we see an obvious schism within the Army.

Extremely dangerous. And I’ve been alluding to it for a while.

Whatever issues people may have with the Army and it’s policies, many of them extremely misguided, including the recent EhsanUllah Ehsan and Noora Leghari stupidity and fiasco, and the handling of DawnLeaks, it is ONE of the only TWO institutions, the other being the Supreme Court,  that have something to offer to our wretched Nation

It’ll be fatal for the country, if the Army, as an institution, breaks from within. Actually fatal! Let there be no doubt about it.

The Army must also be reined in. They must be more circumspect in their use of power and influence and be held accountable.

But not in the hands of people like Nawaz and Co. For they will reduce it the level of a Provincial police force. Buying and selling and appointing and dismissing Generals and Brigadier and Colonels as they do to IG’s down to SHO’S. Some say, already commenced to an extent!

And they will do so not to exert civilian supremacy, but to place their favorites in positions of authority and to neuter the only  institution that can possibly stop their loot and plunder.

The current debate involving Gen. Bajwa must be seen in this context and my earlier piece.

All is not well in the State of Denmark!

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