Leaked ISIS Documents found in Germany

The significance of this discovery is immeasurable, if confirmed to be correct. German intelligence has done a cursory examination of the documents and confirmed them to be genuine, promising to use them in their law enforcement activities, but we will need to see more detailed information before we accept the German confirmation.

These documents should be made part of a larger international database on counter terrorism, so that all nations can use it to fight terrorism in their respective countries.

For example, with the Saudi Arabian 34 nation alliance moving towards Syria, this kind of information would assist in closing borders of nations that are supplying fighters to ISIS. I’m sure, within a short period of time, we might see a list of financiers as well.

This should also be considered in light of the 34 page war plan that was found in FATA almost 8 months ago. That document laid out the ISIS battle plans for Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.


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