Lt. General Tariq Khan (Retired) & DAWNLeaks

Pakistan is under attack in more ways than one.

Military conflict is the smallest component of war. The manifestation of war is extremely broad and includes infrastructure, political stability, energy, communication and economy etc, etc.

When DawnLeaks happened, the State handled the crisis as best as it could. No one says that it is to everyone’s satisfaction, nevertheless it was resolved with the best of intent. Our DG-ISPR was the messenger and unkind remarks about him are either out of ignorance or malice.

The Chief is a straight forward soldier, a fighter, a patriot and most importantly OUR Chief who is now grappling with the trials and tribulations that this country is suffering from with the best of intent and conduct beyond reproach. He is facing it with professional soundness, moral confidence and in the interest of the country. The Iranians, Indians and the Afghans collectively are being contained, recognize it for what it is.

Under the circumstances, the resolution to the problem of DawnLeaks serves Pakistan, and continued acrimony on account of it, is in the benefit of the enemy – this is a no brainer. How the Army and the Chief resolved this matter is best known to them.

It is not possible for the Army or the State to discuss such matters on the street or the roadside, there are sensitivities and delicate issues that most would never comprehend. That it stands resolved should end the matter and we should all go back to our own business.

This is the greatest service one can do for his country at this moment. We being at war on so many fronts, the Army and the State need your support.

Will you be found wanting when your country needs you?

The two minutes of glory as one freely bleats against one’s own Army and the State will never get one the attention one is in search of; it will  merely bring one shame?

Decide where you stand:  with the enemy or with Pakistan.


  1. Well u r right but the least army could have released some confessional statments videos etc of the perpetrators which can prove that dawn leaks was a fabrication but now the whole world will buy dawn leaks as the truth and not a fabrication because of your secret deal over dawn leaks with the govt there are no confessional statment that can prove your version of the story right.even if you wnat to hide the real perpetrators its ok but atleast u could have used fake characters and asked them to confess and prove that dawn leaks was a lie even the confessional statments from these scapegoats could have done the job .sorry to say but army did the most stupid thing to date they did not even proved that dawn leaks was a fabrication so how was that deal even in favor of mulk o makes no sense you have achived nothing from this deal u were not even able to prove dawn leaks was wrong and a lie haaa ye zaroor huwa hai ke real perpetrators per army ne perda zaroor daal diya hai.halankay army ka kuch nahee jaatha agar inkee chitrol karthay aur inse ocnfessional statments hee le lethay unho ne maafe thaq nahee mangeee not even those scapgoats issued any statement that they are sorry and that they lied in dawn leaks.plz sir let us know what u think of what I just said here thx.

  2. Very sensible comment.
    The Pakistani ambassador to the US recently said that the Dawn Leaks report was a fabrication. Although it is insufficient for some that perpetrators were not identified, at least the Dawn report cannot be quoted internationally by experts or publications to bash Pakistan. That to me is very important. Imagine a debate or an article discussing Pakistan and suddenly this Dawn report gets quoted; it would have been an easy whip lashing opportunity – but not after this investigation.
    We must trust our armed forces for having made the right decision. With the hybrid warfare against our country escalating, we will probably see more occasions in the future where we will have to trust the army to have made the right decision.

  3. Destruction of nation starts from ignoring the evil doing of elite class while little or no justice to the masses. Pakistani poor masses has ligutimate rights to know nothing but truth behind Dawn Leak or any other such eventuality likes “Ojari Camp” disaster

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