Muslims Banning Muslims

While most of the world was still infuriated by President Trump’s “Muslim Ban,” an Arab nation decided to follow suit. Granted this comes as no surprise to us at CommandEleven because we have never believed that the Arab monarchies had any interest in Pakistanis as a people or the respect given to a nation, but that is an aside that we will discuss in the future.

It is shocking to some that Kuwait would issue an across the board ban on the entry of anyone from specific countries. It is shocking when considering that prior to Pakistan’s parliament refusing to join the Arab states in the onslaught of Yemen, which has proven to be a failed exercise in expansionism with a whole host of war crimes to prosecute, nothing could shake our relationships with the GCC. But once we said no, the GCC began to dole out their punishments.

It started with Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash, the UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs stating on Twitter that the Pakistani parliament decision to opt for neutrality in the Yemen conflict would cost the country “heavily.”

It was followed up with something that, we assume, was an editorial from the Arab Times Online editor-in-chief, Ahmed Al-Jarallah. The editorial, which seems to have been taken down now was a waxing trip down memory lane of how Pakistan hadn’t stood with the UAE and GCC in the past, so this should be the no surprise that they didn’t stand with them.

Most recently, we have seen the relationship between India and the UAE expand significantly from massive investments into both countries to sending their military to march in this year’s Republic Day parade in India. Trade ties have increased, disregarding that India is one of Iran’s leading trading partners. The significant being that the entire Yemen war has been a covert operation to weaken Iran’s influence in the region, so why get comfortable with one of their key trading partners?

For us, we recall the numerous intelligence reports that have traced terror funding back to these same states and members of their royal families.

We recall the number of extremist madrassahs that are quietly funded by the royal families throughout Pakistan, since the time of the first Afghan conflict with Russia.

We recall the number of Pakistani workers stuck in UAE jails.

We recall the German intelligence agencies declaring that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, two of the three being very close to the current government in Islamabad, support extremism organizations in Germany.

We recall what Pakistan’s armed forces bring to the equation, having defended Kuwait during Saddam’s invasion and the recent offer to General Raheel Sharif, Pakistan’s recently retired Chief of Army Staff, to command a United Arab Military made up of Sunni countries.

We will be waiting to see which nations rush to advise the citizens of Kuwait that they are no longer welcome in their countries because of the acts of a minority of its people.

The world doesn’t need to wonder why the Muslim world is in such strife and trouble, the wealthiest nations are more willing to spread extremism than brotherhood with Muslim nations. All of the oil rich nations of the Middle East have all been identified as spreading and funding extremism and terrorism around the world.

Yet, they aren’t banned from entering other nations… makes you wonder what will happen once they don’t have any oil for the world.

Who will be their friends then?

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