Neutrality and Our Own War

I think some of you are foolish. Yes, I am talking to you.

After two weeks of me posting every day that Pakistan should stay out of the war in Yemen, I have people posting comments about how Saudi is more beneficial to Pakistan than Iran.

First, we chose neutrality. That means that we didn’t pick a side. When you put your car in neutral, it doesn’t move unless it’s pushed or put in gear. So we weren’t standing with Iran or Saudi Arabia. We stood in the middle and said peace negotiations.

Second, that fact that you are citing financial benefits of Saudi Arabia over Iran tells me volumes about the way you think. A people that have respect for themselves says we will suffer but we will stand for our principles. A people that is morally weak will justify their position with the benefits of staying where they are, no matter how bad it may be for them in the short and long term.

Third, WE ARE FIGHTING OUR OWN WAR!!! We have the TTP on the Afghanistan border. We have criminals and gang violence in Karachi. We have jihadi and extremist groups on the Indian border. We have foreign funded insurgents operating in Baluchistan. Our army is committed to fighting these problems so that Pakistan can be stable in the near future.

By choosing Saudi over Iran, you have just activated a sectarian war inside our borders. If you disagree, just go back and look at Pakistan’s history from the Gulf War. That’s why neutrality or staying out of it was the best decision.

You, however, would rather give up the fight against internal problems, while creating new ones, and send our soldiers to fight against someone else. You want to support the monarchy of the Arabs over the sovereignty of Pakistan. This is the a weakness in character and a cowardice.

I will not stop. I will not back down. I stand by Pakistan and only Pakistan. To hell with the rest of the world and their problems.

When you call the Arabs our brothers, I feel sorry for you. It’s Saudi that funds the terrorist groups that have claimed 80,000 Pakistani lives. It’s Saudi that funds the extremist madrassahs that teach the hate we see on our streets everyday. It’s the Iranians that support the extremist Shia groups. It’s the UAE that supports the insurgents in Baluchistan.

WE ARE ALREADY BLEEDING BECAUSE OF THEM! And now you want us to bleed more.

If you don’t like what I have to say, please unfriend me. If you want to believe that I support one country over the other, please unfriend me. If you don’t have the moral courage to stand with our country come what may, PLEASE UNFRIEND ME.

This is not about money. It’s about respect. It’s about principles. It’s about Pakistan.

Maybe one day, you will remember that when Pakistan is gone.

This article originally appeared on Khalid Muhammad’s Agency Rules website.

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