ISIS and Their Designs on the AfPak Region

With the expansion of the Islamic State into Afghanistan and slowly attempting to creep into Pakistan, all eyes are on the new terrorist nightmare to plague the region. Khalid Muhammad, Director General – CommandEleven, joined Zain Khan on Tactical Talk to discuss the designs and intentions of ISIS in the region.


  1. I wish Mr Khalid Muhammad had balls to call spade, a spade.

    It is an admitted fact that it’s USA that has created ISIS, financed them and dropped arms & ammo for them in Syria. So, this is how I see it. And when Russia strike ISIS in Syria there was hue n cry by the Europeans and the West.

    Now ISIS is in South Asia so that it should give an excuse to US after the matters get worst in Afghanistan and, God forbid in Pakistan, so that they could put pressure on Pakistan to ROLLBACK their nuclear program and to handover her nuclear arsenal to the U.N..

    How long do we have to wait on our Politicians to move into Chinese block. It’s a matter of existance of Pakistan.

    CPEC is promising economic prosperity but there are many who also want us to rollback this project.

    InSha Allah Pakistan will succeed against all odds, InSha Allah.