The global arms trade has typically been used to shift the balance of power between neighboring nations, without concern for how those weapons could be used for national interests.

These armaments are used to influence regime change, insurgencies and small wars in countries already unstable and on the brink of failure.

Whether we are considering the arms deal between Pakistan and China, the India and Afghanistan attack helicopter deal earlier this year, or the recent alliance between the United States and India to share military bases and increase their collaborations across all military functions, anything that happens in this region affects Pakistan and our national security dynamic.

CommandEleven has built a focused analysis team that is continually monitoring global and regional arms deals to understand their potential impact on Pakistan. Our analysts will take apart the deal, explaining the technical and military capabilities, while discussing the potential impact on our national security paradigm, both domestically and regionally. They will also provide historical context, providing additional insights into possible escalations and strategic modifications of neighboring countries.