Sympathy For Terrorists?

Recently some reports surfaced that Pakistani security services have detained the family of Allah Nazar, a self-styled Baloch separatist militant. Pakistani liberals decried it and intellectuals condemned the Pakistani security establishment of collective punishment, endangering human rights and what not. In the race for ignorant self-righteousness, few dared to disagree with this problematic narrative and practically no one asked the right questions. So let us ask the right questions.

Who is Allah Nazar Baloch?

Allah Nazar Baloch is the chief and self-admitted proud militant of terrorist group Balochistan Liberation Front. He is also the founder of Baloch Students Organization-Azad, a front group of BLF to help recruit young Baloch men as cannon fodder for its evil cause. And what is the cause? The cause of Dr Allah Nazar Baloch and his orgs is to wage nonstop war against the state of Pakistan, military and civilians included. Dr Allah Nazar has declared war on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Pakistani security officials I’ve talked to told me they believe BLF and BSO-Azad are being funded by Indian security services. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, India has also all but declared war on CPEC. Indian politicians and security officials have not made any effort to hide India’s opposition to CPEC and have instead resorted to lobbying Washington to endorse the Indian stance on CPEC – somewhat successfully. Dr Allah Nazar himself has made no effort to hide his close ties with India. Besides being involved in countless terrorist attacks in Pakistan, BLF has also threatened Pakistani media and has launched terrorist attacks against media targets. A captured high ranking Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadhav has confessed that one of his tasks was to create links and help train, fund and arm Baloch separatist groups in Pakistan. Both BLF and BSO-Azad are banned as terrorist organizations in Pakistan.

The Twitter timeline of Dr Allah Nazar’s BLF is full of claims of responsibility for terrorist attacks in Pakistan and vile hatred for the state of Pakistan, which is just a glimpse of what is taught to the impressionable members of BSO-Azad.

BLF has also threatened a BBC Correspondent in Quetta and has been involved in kidnapping and murder of journalists in Balochistan.

Here are two tweets from BLF Twitter account that show just a fraction of BLF’s disdain for democracy and free speech.

Here’s a photo of Dr Allah Nazar hanging out with his heavily-armed BLF colleagues. Don’t forget, these are terrorists who are responsible for heinous attacks against Pakistan.

Below is a tweet by Dr Allah Nazar’s personal account threatening the murder of Pakistani schoolchildren. Here Dr Allah Nazar references an attack on schoolchildren in Peshawar, which only brings one attack to mind: The APS school massacre which killed 141 people including 132 schoolchildren. The attack was claimed by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) but Pakistani security officials and ministers have repeatedly accused Indian and Afghan security services (R&AW and NDS, respectively) of supporting the TTP. A former Chief of TTP Latifullah Mehsud was captured by US forces from Afghan security services in Afghanistan and handed over to Pakistan. A former spokesperson for TTP Ehsanullah Ehsan has also publicly confessed TTP’s links with Indian and Afghan security services. The training camps of both TTP and BLF are based in Afghanistan.

Here is a video of the mother of a Pakistani kid who was shot in the face by BLF terrorists. She still awaits justice.

Let’s Sympathize with Victims of Terrorism

The family members of Dr Allah Nazar were detained by Pakistani security services while they were trying to slip into Afghanistan, and not from their homes as wrongly claimed by some online.

If Pakistani security services wanted to simply detain Allah Nazar’s family, they could have done that earlier without a problem. But since they posed no immediate threat on their own, they weren’t. It was only when they tried to slip into Afghanistan that they were arrested and are now being kept in a safe undisclosed location until interrogation is over. Pakistan has recently sealed its border with Afghanistan and beefed up surveillance, which may be the reason why Dr Allah Nazar’s family failed to slip into Afghanistan in the first place. There’s no reason to think that the family won’t be released from protective custody once the interrogation is over. Pakistani security officials may be very interested in knowing why the family wanted to go to Afghanistan, and that too secretly. After all, Afghanistan is where BLF training camps are located.

Wife of Allah Nazar Baloch with her children.

While there’s no reason to worry about a terrorist’s family – who are being kept safe by Pakistani security services – there’s a lot more reason to worry about the continued threats against Pakistan that are being made by Dr Allah Nazar and his allies. And there’s even more reason to worry about some media that is willingly airing these threats and supporting such behavior. Below is a tweet by Voice of America – a media org directly funded by the government of United States of America. The tweet speaks for itself.

Are these threats acceptable? Dr Allah Nazar and his allies should be thankful that Pakistan has not harmed his family in anyway. If I had my way, families of terrorists in Pakistan would have their houses demolished and their citizenship revoked. But lucky for these terrorists that I am not in charge of Pakistan’s CT policy. Pakistan often treats terrorists and their families too leniently. When Pakistani military simply let go Naureen Laghari, who wanted to join the terrorist group ISIS, many Pakistani liberals were rightly outraged. Only problem is, Naureen Laghari did not kill anyone. But Dr Allah Nazar and his fellow BLF militants are responsible for the murder of many Pakistanis. So why sympathy for Dr Allah Nazar but strongest condemnations for Naureen Laghari?

Why the double standards? Terrorism is terrorism and killing innocent people is still killing innocent people. Just because some terrorists don’t shout Allah-u-Akbar before killing people doesn’t mean their crimes become any less terrible and unworthy of strongest condemnation.

Let’s learn to sympathize with the victims of terrorism instead of terrorists and their families. Life is all about choices and their consequences, and Dr Allah Nazar has made his. Now he must face the consequences.

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