The Great Game and Afghanistan: Eleven Point Agenda for Pakistan

Following the announcement of Trump’s new plan for Afghanistan, which is basically the old plan packaged as new with a topping of increased Pakistan-bashing, here is my simple eleven-point agenda for Pakistan to implement in its Afghanistan policy.

  1. Shut down USAID programmes as well as other US-backed projects involved in subversion operation in Pakistan. Follow up by stopping all kinds of US packages that are given to Pakistani media to push Washington’s policies in the region.
  2. Shut down NATO supply routes completely and stand by it. Don’t open them even if US/NATO are willing to offer commercial rates.
  3. Convince Russia and/or China to prepare and introduce sanctions against US Army and NATO individuals involved in war crimes in Afghanistan.
  4. Officially announce US-India backed Kabul regime as Pakistan’s enemy # 2, only second to India. Follow up with limited sanctions on key individuals of Kabul regime involved in anti-Pakistan terrorism.
  5. Go on the offensive, covertly and overtly, in Afghanistan against anti-Pakistan terrorist groups and individuals including ISIS-Khorasan Province. Follow up by naming and shaming countries at the UN that are covertly supporting ISIS-Khorasan Province.
  6. Improve and increase US-focused counter-intelligence in Afghanistan, particularly HUMINT capabilities.
  7. Announce a parallel pro-Pakistan Afghan government based in Islamabad and get it recognized by as many allied countries as possible.
  8. Persuade Russia to invade Afghanistan in near future on behalf of Taliban, who are seen as a legit stakeholder in Afghanistan by all parties (including US).
  9. Refuse any kind of US military aid that would put Pakistan’s interests at stake. In fact, it would be far better to refuse US military aid altogether.
  10. Officially announce Indian influence and activities in Afghanistan a threat to Pakistan and its national interests. Follow up by making India bleed through a thousand cuts in Afghanistan.
  11. Lastly, make sure Pakistan gets a good share out of any deal relating to extraction of minerals from Afghanistan. A war without profit is not a war but stupidity.

This is the eleven-point agenda that Pakistan should consider implementing in to protect its national interests in the region.

If US wants to play tango with Pakistan, then it’s time to tango.

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