The Twitter Wars and the Consequential Debate

My views are based on both the De jure and the De facto, realities.

Unfortunately, the civilian governance structure has become so weak and so ineffective that the De Jure which should prevail does not and the De Facto, does, and unfortunately so.

In no organized state structure based on the De Jure reality, would a subordinate institution issue such a defiant tweet as did the ISPR.

In ordinary circumstances this is tantamount to gross insubordination or even outright refusal to obey the command of a lawful authority, the Prime Minister.

Unfortunately these are not ordinary circumstances nor does the senior authority, the PM, have the ability to implement its diktat, because it has lost its moral authority.

Gen. Bajwa must have been under tremendous pressure from the rank and file of the Army, to take this extreme step in rejecting the PM’s notification.

Perhaps preempting a foolhardy and or violent action by a group of Young Turks within the Army, incensed at the corruption of PM Nawaz Sharif, and a perception that the Army leadership may be bailing Nawaz out of the Panamagate and Dawn leaks, quicksand.

Given this context, in my opinion, Gen. Bajwa, did the right thing to forestall a potentially dangerous consequence from within the Army.

A former Army general, who has experience of directly working with Nawaz Sharif, told me a few days ago that Nawaz is a pathological liar and completely untrustworthy. He frequently commits and then goes back on his word, misrepresents information and deliberately tells lies.

And what a tragedy, that now he has destroyed his credibility, with a completely apolitical Army Chief like Gen. Bajwa.

Till De Jure and De Facto don’t align. We will have this debate on who is right.

Because both are wrong and right, depends what you take as the basis of one’s argument or perspective.

De Jure or De Facto!

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