UAE Minister’s Tirade

So, how blind and cowardly is the Nawaz Sharif government?

After every media outlet reported it, social media was on fire all day because of it, the Foreign Office of Pakistan states that “We don’t have any confirmation of what exactly has been said and by whom.”

But this is common place for ‪Pakistan‬. When a foreign government says something about Pakistan, the Foreign Office has routinely played the blind mouse and scurried around pretending it was never said.

We saw a flurry of federal ministers and politicians making statements about how we already have troops on the ground in ‪‎Saudi Arabia‬ and that we aren’t saying no to them. This is damage control for the pro-Saudi government in Islamabad.

They are looking for a way to save face with the masters of their business interests, not stand proud as leaders of a nuclear state. The people have spoken three times to this government:

  1. During the dharnas in Islamabad
  2. After the APS attack
  3. After the start of the ‪Yemen‬ conflict

Each time, the selected government of Pakistan has taken no measures to honor the people’s wishes. The dharna brought no result. The APS All-Parties Conference and 20 point National Action Plan still is unimplemented and all the committees has disappeared. And now, after the Parliament voted against action in the conflict, the government is still looking for a way to save face with their true masters.

This is not the people’s government. This is the Saudi government in Islamabad, much like it was the Saudi government in Sana’a and the Saudi government in Cairo.

It’s time to send the puppets back to their puppeteers.

This article originally appeared on Khalid Muhammad’s Agency Rules website.

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