We must rise stronger and better

From today, we can no longer be divided into groups and raise slogans for politicians. Today, we need to join hands and stand together as Pakistanis for the future of this nation.

The #‎PeshawarAttack is another brutal example of the heinous criminals that infest our nation. As the death count rises, we are counting the bodies of dead children. Dead children for God’s sake.

There is no excuse for this brutality. There is no excuse for this infamy. There is no excuse for anyone to even consider fighting for anything other than the Pakistan that 200 families sacrificed their future generations today in the attack on a school. They have given a sacrifice that should never have been asked. Now, we must honor their sacrifice and eliminate the organizers, attackers, supporters and their financiers from our soil.

We must take this as a declaration of war by the terrorists on #‎Pakistan. They have launched a cowardly attack on our children, we must return it with the brutal force that our military possesses. We must deliver from the air and the ground, until the mountains of the tribal areas flow with the blood of the terrorists. We must avenge these deaths without restraint and without mercy.

This is not a time for questioning. This is not a time for consideration. This is a time for action – fierce military action – no matter if it means crossing the border into Afghanistan to take out the hideouts and safe havens within that country.

We can no longer be just Pakistani. We can no longer be just Muslims. We can no longer stand with politicians until this problem is removed from our soil. We must transform. We must rise. We must fight against the cancer that has invaded our land and taken our loved ones.

We must avenge the deaths of the 200 souls that were lost today just for going to school.

We must rise… better, stronger.

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