What We Do

Threat Assessment

Helping you understand the real-threats from the hype.

Terror Groups

Giving you a clear understanding the groups operating in, and around, Pakistan.

Information Warfare

Understanding the various forms of hybrid warfare against Pakistan.


Helping to break the ideology of violence that has been spread in the name of religion.

Being able to provide you with the clearest, most accurate information is the core objective at CommandEleven.

Our understanding is based on on-ground, field assets and open source intelligence, collected into a data warehouse, and coupled with our expertise to give you the understanding required.

Our research team builds informational warehouses that are used by the analysts in answering situations and encounters. The analysis team take the most complex discussions and translate them into language that can be understood across the audience spectrum, from government institutions to the common man.

We believe that actionable recommendations can only emerge when all contexts and possibilities are explored and explained.

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