Lt. General Tariq Khan (Retired)

Bio Brief

  • Patron-in-Chief
  • Retired Pakistan Army
  • Former IG - Frontier Corps
  • Terrorism & Insurgencies Specialist

Lt. General Tariq Khan (Retired), an erudite general from Pakistan's Armored Corps and a decorated War Veteran, is an expert on critical issues related to Terrorism & Insurgencies. General Tariq Khan during the Battle of Bajaur, transformed and re-shaped Frontier Corps into a relentless fighting force and raised FC's own special forces popularly known as SOG. Commanded and led major operations in FATA from the frontline, his model on counter-insurgency is still applied to this day.

Lt. General Tariq Khan (Retired) leads CommandEleven's Board of Advisors as our Patron-in-Chief.

Lt. General Tariq Khan (Retired) on CommandEleven