LTG Tariq Khan (Retired) Responds to Ahsan Iqbal

‘The difference between average people and people who achieve is their perception of and response to failure’, John C. Maxwell.

The honourable interior minister has found it within himself to challenge me to a TV duel after his recent display of incompetence.

A shot out of the blue, a spontaneous remark, more of an outburst at the spur of the moment. With nothing to say, and very little to prove, this was his best shot under the circumstances.

I am flattered that these people have found me to be their only point of reference.

He too claims, I was responsible for the 2014 Dharna; an oft repeated false accusation by these morally bankrupt politicians. Organising such a Dharna by anyone is a crime and a case for high treason. The good minister while still in chair must and should pursue legal action, which he is obliged to undertake rather than making a fool of himself by his childish accusation on TV?

Like a repeated clarification by a ‘dahati’ woman justifying some perceived slight, the matter is regurgitated again and again, regardless of its relevance to the occasion today.

The minister, an iqama holder, and of the, ‘sort them out’, fame who promised to remove the protesters in three hours from Faizabad chowk and failed, has now found sanctuary behind the accusation that I had organised a dharna in 2014.

First of all, I would like the good minister to recognise that he has a lot on his plate and he would indeed be very foolish to add me to his problems. Secondly, about our TV engagement, I do not wrestle with a “donkey” (for want of a better word) it likes mud and I don’t.

So, good luck to you, please deal with what you must; I am the least of your worries; do remember, let sleeping dogs lie.