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Sympathy For Terrorists?
November 3, 2017

Recently some reports surfaced that Pakistani security services have detained the family of Allah Nazar, a self-styled Baloch separatist militant. Pakistani…

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Shahid Raza talks to Sputnik on the Regional Power shift
October 25, 2017

Shahid Raza, Director General – Geopolitics, at CommandEleven spoke to the Radio Sputnik International in Moscow to present his analysis on…

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Pakistan Nuclear Triad Approach & The Classical Triad Concept
September 7, 2017

Back during Cold War, nuclear weapon became enigma for being great power, a status of quality for any state and an…

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Russia’s Coming War in Afghanistan
August 29, 2017

The U.S. has clearly and squarely lost the war in Afghanistan after 16 years, thousands of casualties, hundreds of billions of…

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The US Dilemma
August 25, 2017

The US finds it does not know how to dismount the tiger. The US is finding the war in Afghanistan a…

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Trump draws geopolitical battle lines in South Asia
August 25, 2017

President Donald J. Trump has drawn battle lines in South Asia that are likely to have a ripple effect across Eurasia:…

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The Great Game and Afghanistan: Eleven Point Agenda for Pakistan
August 23, 2017

Following the announcement of Trump’s new plan for Afghanistan, which is basically the old plan packaged as new with a topping…

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Indo-Pak Maritime Power Struggle
August 20, 2017

Indian Ocean serves as linkage spot for global Sea Lines of Communications (SLOCs) emerging from both hemispheres. Presence of oil rich…

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Pakistan’s Serendipitous Chance In Syria
August 19, 2017

Pakistan has a serendipitous chance to greatly expand its growing Eurasian influence through skillfully taking advantage of the Syrian fallout from…

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Answering Nawaz Sharif’s BBC Interview
August 18, 2017

A protégé of General Ghulam Jilani and a product of General Zia’s martial law, Nawaz Sharif never tires of lecturing us…

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